Cosmedico Super Hair Removal

Cosmedico Super Hair Removal Treatments

  • SHR upper lip £25.00
  • SHR chin £25.00
  • SHR upper lip and chin £40.00
  • SHR underarm £35.00
  • SHR Consultation FREE (Required before 1st treatment)
  • SHR standard bikini £40.00
  • SHR 1/2 face £40.00
  • SHR back of neck (men) £40.00
  • SHR Full face £70.00
  • SHR high bikini £62.00
  • SHR 1/2 leg including knee £75.00
  • SHR Brazilian / Hollywood £90.00
  • SHR full leg £120.00
  • SHR Back £95.00
  • SHR chest £95.00
  • SHR full arm £45.00

Cosmedico Super Hair Removal

Shining Beauty are proud to be one of the only salons in not only Glasgow but Scotland to offer Cosmedico Super Hair Removal. Thie treatment involves shooting light pulses on the part of the body. The light energy is channelled along the hair into the root causing a thermal reaction meaning the root is no longer able to product hairs. Cosmedico Super Hair Removal is suitable for all skin types and completely safe to use.


Yesterday was my second time in the Salon. I really recommend the salon to anyone, gill is lovely and really professional she is great at shellac they lasted me 3 weeks when I got them done, was so pleased with my eyebrows as I have had a few bad experiences with them. Really recommended.

Siobhan Mclaughlin

I have had 3 sessions of SHR so far and I am really pleased with the results. I can definitely see a difference. It’s a beautiful salon with an excellent beauty therapist. I would highly recommend a visit.

Catriona Cranston

Gill is incredibly good at nails. I have realised (through error) that I shouldn’t go anywhere else!

Nalini Chetty