At Shining beauty our superior wax brand is vegan and paraben free. Our hot wax offers simply awesome performance in removing vellus and terminal hairs.

The low temperature wax is ideal for sensitive skin, perfect for intimate areas.


Standard Bikini

A tidy up. Removing hair from the outside of the panty line using hot wax.


Strip wax removing hair from the upper lip.

High Bikini

This is a high leg bikini wax, removing hair from the bikini line and inner thigh using hot wax.

Half Leg

Removal of hair from the lower OR upper legs using strip wax.

Full Leg

Removal of hair from the full leg using strip wax.

Extra High Bikini

A strip or triangle is left at the front, hair is removed from the top, high sides and bum area using Hot wax.


Using strip or hot wax to remove hair from the chin.

Chest Wax

For the males, removing hair from the chest using a combination of hot and strip wax.


A strip of hair is left at the front. We only use hot wax for our intimate waxing.

Back Wax

Waxing of the entire back and tops of shoulders for men.